Everything you need to know about investing with Abundance

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Getting started on AbundanceA collection of articles and frequently asked questions to help you get started on Abundance
Our investment typesWhat are the different categories of investment that you can make on Abundance?
A guide to investing in companies on AbundanceLearn about the important things to consider when choosing to invest in companies on Abundance
How to invest on AbundanceFind out more about setting up an account and the process to make your first investment on Abundance
Choosing a portfolioLearn about the different ways to invest on Abundance, through a Standard or IF ISA portfolio.
How do I deposit money to my Abundance account?Step-by-step instructions for making a deposit to your portfolio by instant bank payment or a bank transfer
What are the fees on Abundance?Are there any fees to open an account or invest on Abundance?
Who can invest on Abundance?Eligibility requirements for opening an account and investing with Abundance
Are my investments transferable?Details on transferring investments on Abundance
Types of return and capital repaymentDetails of the different types of investment on Abundance and the different return and capital repayment structures they offer
What happens if an investment doesn't reach the target?A brief explanation of what happens to your money if an investment doesn't raise the money it needs to go ahead
Is Abundance covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)?Details of FSCS protection for the cash and investments in your Abundance account
How we bring you investmentsLearn about the process in preparing a new investment offer to launch on Abundance.
The impact of changing interest ratesHow a change in interest rates in the wider market may affect the value of your investment
Our role over the life of an investmentLearn more about Abundance’s role in preparing an investment offer and supporting investors when an investment runs in to difficulties.
Can a council become insolvent?What happens to a local authority when it runs into financial difficulties, and how does this differ to a company?
What is the status of my investment?Information on how Abundance categorises the status of your investment and what the different statuses mean
How we calculate the performance of our variable return investmentsLearn more about how we show the performance of the investments on Abundance that pay a variable return
What is an IRR?What is an IRR, how is it calculated and when is it used?
Investing from outside of the UKHow investing, depositing, withdrawing, and tax work on Abundance if you are not resident in the UK
The Abundance Pension (SIPP)Information about the Abundance Pension and self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs).