On Abundance, you make the decisions on where you want to invest your money. You choose the investments that have the impact you care about, with a return and risk that is right for you.

You can make those investments through the portfolio of your choice, with two options available - Innovative Finance ISA (IF ISA) or a Standard portfolio. You’ll be asked to choose a portfolio when you make your first investment, but you can also choose to open an IF ISA portfolio beforehand.

What are the features of the different portfolio types?

Innovative Finance ISA (IF ISA) portfolio

If you want to invest tax free, you can do so by opening an Abundance IF ISA. Our Innovative Finance ISA can be held alongside any existing cash or stocks and shares ISAs you hold, and you will pay no tax on the returns you receive from the investments you make through it. 


  • Invest in any of the company investments available on Abundance (Community Municipal Investments cannot currently be held our IFISA)

  • Start from £5

  • Investment returns will be tax-free

  • Annual limit of £20,000 in total subscriptions (deposits) across all of your ISAs for the 2022/2023 tax year

  • Can be held alongside another type of ISA like a cash ISA or stocks and shares ISA (however you can only open one of each type in each tax year)

  • Transfer money into your Abundance IF ISA from another ISA you already have

  • Transfer money out of your Abundance IF ISA to another ISA provider if you wish (it is not possible to transfer the investments to another provider, so you would need to sell your investments on Abundance first)

  • A flexible ISA, which means you can withdraw cash from your ISA and put it back in later in the year without losing any of your allowance.

  • No fees

Learn more about the Abundance IF ISA here.

Standard portfolio

A Standard portfolio is our general investment portfolio where your returns will be taxable but there is no annual limit on how much you can invest with Abundance.


  • Invest in any of the investments available on Abundance

  • Start from £5

  • No annual limit on investing

  • Investment returns will be taxable

  • No fees

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