Abundance is a fully online investment platform, and you can set up an account and start investing in just 5 minutes by following these steps:

1. Check eligibility

Anyone over the age of 18 and who is a resident of the UK, the EEA (European Economic Area) or Switzerland can invest with us. US citizens cannot invest on Abundance.

2. Sign up for an account

Click the Sign Up button at the top of our homepage and follow the onscreen instructions to create an online account.

3. Pick a portfolio

Once you’ve signed in for the first time you can choose to open a Standard, ISA, or SIPP portfolio (or all three). This video tutorial shows you how to open your first portfolio on Abundance.

For more information on the ways you can invest with Abundance have a read through the relevant sections of our Help Centre.

4. Browse investments

Under the Invest menu you’ll find a list of our open investments. Each investment is listed with a summary of the company, the estimated returns, term and technology type. Check this video tutorial for more information.

Alternatively, you can select Trade and browse the funded projects that other Abundance investors have put up for sale on the marketplace. Learn how to use the marketplace in this tutorial.

5. Consider

Once you’ve found an investment you like the look of, go into more detail. If you are not already, sign in to your account and select a portfolio to get the full details about a particular investment.

For any open investment you will be able to download the Offer Document, which contains full details of the investment.

If you are considering buying an investment on the marketplace, you will be able to review the investment Factsheet, past performance of the project, and its trade history.

Remember that when you invest your capital is at risk and your returns are not guaranteed. Please read all the information available on each investment. Click here for more information on the risks when investing.

6. Deposit

When you decide investing is right for you, choose how much you’d like to invest and deposit money by bank transfer or debit card. If you want to deposit by debit card you can do this as part of the investing process. If you want to deposit by bank transfer you’ll need to do this first and then as soon as it has cleared into your Abundance account you’re ready to go.

7. Invest

With money in your account, you can invest as little as £5 in as many open investments as you like. Once you become an investor, you’ll be able to see when you will receive your next Cash Return, how much your investments have returned to you, and how individual investments are performing.

Whilst all our investments are different, some things stay the same. That includes no mountains of paperwork, since we’re based entirely online, and no fees for investing — these are paid by the issuing company, and all returns are quoted after this fee.

And remember, if you ever need to sell your investment you can use the marketplace to try and find a buyer.

You can also watch our video tutorials to learn more how to invest and use the marketplace here.

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