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What are the fees on Abundance?
What are the fees on Abundance?

Are there any fees to open an account or invest on Abundance?

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There are no fees to open an account with Abundance and invest.

We charge each company or council raising money on Abundance two fees β€” one for raising the money and one for administering the investment and investors on a yearly basis. These fees are paid separately to the return the company or council pays to investors, so it does not affect the estimated return shown on an investment.

There are no fees when investing from a Standard or an Abundance IF ISA portfolio or to buy or sell investments on the Abundance marketplace.

If you are an existing customer with an Abundance Pension (SIPP), there are fees in relation to your pension, including an annual administration fee – you can learn more about these fees in our Abundance Pension article here.

If you are a non-UK resident, there may be a charge for making a withdrawal from your account. See our article on Investing from outside of the UK for more details.

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