Most of the investments on Abundance pay a fixed return, but a few of the investments on Abundance (particularly some of our earlier investments) pay a return that is linked to the performance of the project in each 6-month period - we call these Variable Return Debentures. For this type of Debenture we quote your return as a range to make it clear it is variable โ€“ your actual return could be higher or lower than that range.

For all the investments on Abundance, we show the 'Status' of the investment which lets you know if the company is up to date with the investment payments or whether there are any issues - find out more here.

For Variable Return Debentures, as the amount the investment pays out will vary from the original estimate, we also show a performance figure. This shows the amount the company has paid out to date as a percentage of the original estimated amount as set out in the Offer Document (if an estimated range was given, the performance figure is against the lower forecast).

If the amount paid out so far has exactly matched what the company originally estimated it would return to investors, the performance figure will be shown as 100%. If the company has paid out more than their estimated forecast, it will be above 100% and if they've paid out less it will be lower than 100%.ย 

Remember, past performance is not a guide to future performance and you should read all the information about the investment, including the updates provided by the company.

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