Since we launched the Abundance marketplace in 2013 we’re proud to have seen over £7.7m traded by over 2,350 Abundance members. As Abundance grows and the number of investments we offer expands, we want to ensure the marketplace continues to be the vibrant place it is for both buyers and sellers.

Listening to all of your feedback over the years, and with the help of our Abundance User Panel, we’ve been working on a number of significant improvements to the marketplace to make it easier to buy and sell investments for everyone.

The new marketplace is a complete redesign, but here’s a summary of the key changes you'll find:

For buyers

  • More ways to browse investments - you can filter available investments by their impact sector or financial terms and the amount you have to invest. Or, if you’re an experienced marketplace investor, just cut to the chase and see all the available offers.

  • See the returns on offer - you can now see an estimated IRR for almost every offer on the marketplace, so you can figure out which offers are priced to give you the return you are looking for.

  • Better information about investments and offers - we’ve updated the designs on every page to ensure that you can easily find all of the available information for an available investment or offer.

  • No more bidding uncertainty - there is no longer an auction process, so if you want to buy an investment, you can simply buy the investment at the price listed by the seller. You know exactly what price you’ll need to pay and can buy it in a few clicks without worrying about being outbid.

For sellers

  • An easier way to choose what to sell - see more information about your investments and average trading prices to help you decide what you need to sell.

  • See how your offer compares to others - when setting a price you can see how your offer compares to other offers on the marketplace so you can easily choose a price that’s right for you.

  • More certainty of completing a sale - as we’ve removed the auction process, when a buyer wants to buy, they’ll be put in contact with you immediately to agree a sale. We’ll take their payment upfront so you know you’ll receive the funds quickly once the sale is agreed.

We hope these changes represent a big step forwards for the marketplace and address some of the helpful feedback you’ve given us over the years. We hope you agree, but we’re always looking to improve, so please let us know what you think about the changes and if you have any suggestions for future improvements.

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