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Restrictions when selling an investment
Restrictions when selling an investment

Details on when you can sell an investment through the marketplace and when there may be restrictions.

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The investments on Abundance are fully transferable and you can use the marketplace to put your investments up for sale and look for a buyer. However, there are instances when the use of the marketplace is suspended for a particular investment. Some of these situations are outlined below, however Abundance reserves the right to restrict the use of the marketplace at any point where it feels this is necessary to maintain the integrity of the marketplace.

There is a investment payment due to be paid within the next 3 days

Three days before a payment is due on an investment we will withdraw all offers to sell listed on the marketplace for that particular investment. This is because the value of an investment will change after a return has been made, so we temporarily suspend the marketplace for the investment a few days in advance. This allows any trades that are already in progress to be completed.

Once the investment return has been paid you will be able to put the investment up for sale again on the marketplace.

The investment is still open or the issuing company or council has not met all the conditions to receive the funds

An investment cannot be listed on the marketplace until the following criteria have been met:

  1. The investment offer has closed

  2. The 14 day cooling off period has elapsed for all investors

  3. The issuing company or council has satisfied the conditions required for the investment to go ahead which are set out in the terms of the investment.

Until the issuing company or council has met all the conditions to receive the funds, the money remains reserved in your account. Abundance works closely with the issuing companies and council to ensure the process is completed within a timely manner after an investment has closed. The time it takes to meet all the conditions will vary for each investment but typically takes a few weeks up to several months.

In the event that an investment doesn't reach the minimum target before the final close date, or the issuer is unable to satisfy the conditions necessary to receive the funds, Abundance will return the money in full to all investors' Abundance accounts. 

A planned update from the issuing company or council to investors is one month overdue

We ask all issuing companies and councils to provide updates on a 6-monthly basis. If an issuing company or council is over a month late in providing an update we will suspend trading of the investment until the update has been provided. This is to ensure buyers and sellers have up to date information about the company or council when making an investment decision. 

Other restrictions where we feel it is required to ensure the integrity of the marketplace

There may be occasions when Abundance restricts the sale of a particular investment on the marketplace and we reserve the right to do so where we feel it is in the interests of Abundance members.

For example, there may be specific instances where certain information is restricted to investors only due to an ongoing legal process or other sensitive matter. In these cases we reserve the right to restrict trading of the investments on the marketplace until such a time as the company or council is in a position to make information available to both investors and non-investors. This is to ensure that there is no mismatch of information between holders of an investment and non-investors so that all of our investments can be fairly traded on the marketplace. 

We will keep any such situations under close review and look to make trading available as soon as possible. 

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