Browsing offers

  1. Go to Invest now in menu at the top and select Buy on our marketplace - this will take you to the ‘Marketplace’. Here you can find a list of the investments for sale by other investors. You can click through to the different investments and see information about the investment and its performance to date, as well its trade history.

  2. Once you have decided on which investment(s) you would like to buy, you can look at the 5 offers closing soonest for each investment or click Show all offers to see what else is available.

Bidding on offers

  1. When you see an offer you would like to bid on, click on the offer to see more details.

  2. To make a bid, click the Bid Now button and follow the on-screen instructions. Please note that you must bid more than any previous bid. If there are no other bids but the seller has set a reserve price, then you cannot bid below the reserve price.

Monitoring your bids

  1. While the offer you have bid on is listed on the marketplace other Abundance users can outbid you. You will receive an email from us whenever this happens.

  2. You can view and manage your bids by selecting Manage at the top, and then Trades in the sub-menu. Here you'll see the option for My Bids. If the offer is currently open to bids on the marketplace then it will show under your ‘Active’ bids. Once the offer has closed to new bids (either by reaching the close date, or if the seller chooses to close early) then it will show under ‘Pending decision’ until it is sold or expires. (Please note that you will have to select the same portfolio that you bid from to see your bid.)

  3. If you have made a mistake or changed your mind then you can Withdraw your bid at any time.

Completing a purchase

  1. Once the offer has closed, the seller can choose to Contact any of the bidders to finalise the trade. For a trade to be concluded, we must have written confirmation (email is fine) of a completed trade. If the seller chooses to contact you then you will receive an email from our system connecting you with the seller (the seller will only receive your email address and first name).

  2. If you have been contacted by a seller and are both happy to proceed, you can ‘reply all’ to the “Invitation to negotiate a sale on the marketplace” email with your agreement, which will copy in

  3. Once we have had confirmation from both you and the seller, we will administer the trade for you. Most buyers choose to pay for the trade by adding money to their Abundance portfolio. We will then transfer the investments to your Abundance account at the same time as transferring funds to the seller.

  4. If you have not concluded a trade within 14 days after the offer has closed, the offer will automatically expire. However, if you do conclude a trade after this date, contact like normal and we can still administer the trade.

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