Creating an offer

  1. Go to Invest now in menu at the top and select Buy on our marketplace - this will take you to the 'Marketplace'. Here you can find a list of all investments for sale by other investors. You can view the investment you're looking to sell and see what other people are selling for as well as the trade history for that investment.

  2. When you're ready to list your own investment for sale, select the Manage option at the top and then select the Trades option below. Choose the Create Offer option and select the investment you want to sell from the dropdown menu.

  3. Choose the amount you want to sell.

  4. Choose a reserve price (optional) - this is the minimum price you will accept for your investment. Potential buyers will not be able to bid below this price if you set a reserve. You may find our article on Pricing investments on our marketplace helpful for choosing a reserve price.

  5. Choose a close date - this sets how long your offer will be listed to buyers on the marketplace.

Receiving and monitoring bids

  1. During the period your offer is listed on the marketplace, potential buyers can view the offer and place bids to buy it. You will receive an email each time you receive a new bid.

  2. You can view and manage your offer by selecting Manage from the menu at the top and then Trades in the sub-menu. Here you'll see the option for My offers. If your offer is currently open to bids on the marketplace then it will show in your ‘Listed’ offers. Once the offer has closed to new bids then it will show under ‘Pending decision’ until it is sold or expires. (Please note that you will have to select the same portfolio that you hold the investment in to see your offer.)

  3. If you have made a mistake or changed your mind then you can Cancel your offer which will inform the bidders (if you have received a bid) that you are no longer looking to sell your investment.

  4. If you receive a bid that you want to accept before the close date, then you can close the offer early in order to be able to Contact them. Please note that once you close your offer you will no longer be able to receive any bids on it.

Contacting a bidder and completing the sale

  1. Once your offer has closed, you can view the bids you've received and choose to contact any of the bidders to agree a trade. For a trade to be concluded, we must have written confirmation (email is fine) of a completed trade. You will find a Contact button next to the bids you've received - this will send an email from our system connecting you with the bidder (the bidder will only receive your email address and first name).

  2. If you have contacted a bidder and are both happy to proceed, you can 'reply all' to the “Invitation to negotiate a sale on the marketplace” email with your agreement, which will copy in

  3. Once we have had confirmation from both you and the buyer, we will administer the trade for you. Most buyers choose to pay for the trade by adding money to their Abundance account. We will then transfer the money to your Abundance account at the same time as we move the investment to their account.

Withdrawing your offer

  1. Once your offer has closed, if you decide you do not want to contact any of the bidders or if you are unable to agree a sale, you can select Withdraw. This will notify the bidders that you are not proceeding with a sale and will allow you to re-list the investment on the marketplace if you would like to do so.

  2. If you have not concluded a trade within 14 days after your offer has closed, your offer will automatically expire. However, if you do conclude a trade after this date, contact like normal and we can still administer your trade.

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