Always remember that past performance is not a guide to future performance. Your capital is at risk. Learn more about the risks here.

The investments available on Abundance are in the form of Debentures or bonds. All these investments pay regular cash payments across the investment term which constitute your return. This return on your investments is made up of your original invested capital, and investment income (as interest or dividend). The most important thing is how much cash is paid back overall by the investment and whether that is on track against the schedule set out in the Offer Document.

We quote performance of Debentures and bonds as the percentage of the scheduled cash returns that have been made to date. If cash returns are on track then it will be quoted as 100% of expected performance. Any variation on that cash return against the expected figure will be shown in a variance from the 100% figure. Performance figures include all cash returns made to date against each investment, and are quoted after the deduction of any fees.

For most investments the cash return is a set amount of capital repayment and interest and performance figures are calculated against the fixed payment schedule given in the Offer Document.

For Variable Return Debentures (mainly our wind projects), your cash returns are linked to the performance of the project. Your cash return will therefore be your share of the operating surplus which will depend on the amount of energy produced and sold by the project and the costs to the project in that cash return period. For this type of Debenture we quote your return as a range to make it clear it is variable – your actual return could be higher or lower than that range. We show performance for a Variable Return Debenture against the lower forecast given in the Offer Document.

You can view the performance of our previous investments here.

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