What is our marketplace?

Our marketplace connects investors who are looking to sell their investments with potential buyers who are looking to invest in previously funded projects. The seller can choose to connect with any of the bidders and agree a final sale. There are no costs for using the marketplace, either as a seller or buyer.

How can I view the marketplace?

To view offers on the marketplace you need to sign up for a free Abundance account and create a portfolio.

Which investments can I sell?

Most investments can be sold on the marketplace but there are occasional restrictions.

Who can make a bid on our marketplace?

You can make a bid on an offer if you have signed up for an Abundance account. Only people who have passed our identity and security checks will be able to make bids on offers. If you have not made an investment or bid before, you will be asked to complete this step before making your first bid.

What is Abundance’s role in a trade?

Our marketplace is a place to connect sellers and potential buyers of existing investments. A final price and trade agreement can then be agreed directly between the seller and buyer. Abundance is the registrar of your investments and we will make sure both the buyer and seller are happy with the trade agreed before we update the register. However, Abundance cannot be held responsible or liable for any disputes stemming from trades that have come about due to introductions made through our marketplace. If you have any concerns about conducting a trade or the terms of any binding agreement to buy or sell investments, please speak to a lawyer. You may consider it important to obtain legal advice in particular if you are selling a large quantity.

Marketplace code of conduct

Abundance expects members who are using our marketplace to treat each other with respect and conduct their trades in a courteous manner. If either a buyer or seller feels that another party is not using the system appropriately or is being abusive, please report this to Abundance immediately and we will investigate the matter. Abundance reserves the right to revoke a person’s membership if such claims are substantiated.

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