It’s easy to set up an Abundance Pension, allowing you to build a retirement income using our investments.

To create your Abundance Pension account you just need to follow the simple process below. Please note that by setting up an Abundance Pension you are entering into a SIPP contract with Gaudi Regulated Services Limited (Gaudi)* who provide the Abundance Pension. You will also be accepting that the Abundance Service Terms and Conditions will apply to investments and cash held in your SIPP portfolio.

If you have any additional questions please see the Pensions section of our Help Centre or contact us.

1. Read the Key Documents

Before you open an Abundance Pension you must read the following Key documents:

i) Key Features document – full details of all the risks that apply to the Abundance Pension.
ii) Gaudi Pension Terms & Conditions – full Terms and Conditions of the Abundance Pension.
iii) Pension Charging Schedule – full schedule of all the fees and charges that apply to the Abundance Pension.

If you are unsure about whether an Abundance Pension is right for you, please seek financial advice.

2. Apply

You can create an Abundance Pension online by following the link from your Get Started dashboard, or by clicking the Create button next to Abundance Pension (hover over the arrow next to your current portfolio).

If you don’t yet have an Abundance account you can set one up for free online in a few minutes to get started.

You will then be directed to the Abundance Pension online application process, where you can set up your pension account. As part of the application process you can specify the level of contributions you want to make, and any existing pensions you wish to transfer to your Abundance Pension.

Once you have completed your online application you simply print off, sign and send your application to Gaudi at the address provided. We will get in touch with you to confirm when your Abundance Pension portfolio is ready to use.

3. Fund your SIPP

When your SIPP has been opened we will supply your SIPP bank details for you to set up your pension contributions. When you make new contributions into your Abundance Pension, Gaudi will calculate and deposit your tax rebate on these contributions directly into your SIPP account for you to invest alongside your own new contributions. Once your pension is set up it only takes 1 - 2 working days for new contributions to be available to invest.

If you have elected to transfer an existing pension into your Abundance Pension we will start the transfer process based on your instructions in your Abundance Pension application. We will get in touch with you if we require any further details or need any additional forms to be completed. Please note; it normally takes 6 - 8 weeks for funds to be transferred from another provider into your Abundance Pension.

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