Can I hold Abundance investments with my existing SIPP provider?

Abundance investments are eligible to be held in a Self Invested Pension Plan (SIPP) at the discretion of the provider. We work with the SIPP provider Gaudi Regulated Services Limited (Gaudi) to provide the Abundance Pension, but there may be other SIPP providers that would allow you to hold the investments on Abundance.

Generally speaking, many of the larger SIPP providers will not accept our investments as they only allow listed securities to be held. If your current SIPP provider is willing to accept them or would like more information, let us know and we can provide them with the relevant information.

Can I hold an Abundance Pension alongside my existing SIPP or other personal pension?

Yes, you can hold multiple SIPP and pension accounts, which means you can set up an Abundance Pension to run alongside your existing SIPP holdings with other providers. Please note that the Abundance Pension is a single asset SIPP, which means you can only hold Abundance investments in an Abundance Pension. You will need to set up a separate SIPP account with another provider if you wish to hold other investments within a SIPP, which will attract fees and charges.

Is Abundance a pension provider?

Abundance is not a direct pension provider, and doesn’t provide pension advice. We are authorised to arrange pensions, which is why we work with Gaudi Regulated Services Limited (Gaudi) to provide the Abundance Pension.

What you do with your pension is an important decision. There are new options and new flexibilities available at retirement — but also more risks.

It is vital to understand your options, and take appropriate guidance or personal advice if you are not sure.

The Government’s new Pension Wise service offers free, impartial guidance to help you understand your options at retirement. You can access the guidance online here, over the telephone on 030 0330 1001 or face-to-face. It is not personal advice.

Who are Gaudi Regulated Services Limited (Gaudi)?

Gaudi provide the Abundance Pension. Gaudi are a Trustee and SIPP Administrator and provide branded pension products for investment providers like Abundance. They currently manage around 4,000 open SIPPS. Gaudi will provide support to Abundance Pension holders on some technical matters relating to their pensions, but in the first instance Abundance Pension holders should contact us for support.

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