Our ISA gives you more than tax free returns from our projects; it also offers growth and income in one place.

The Abundance ISA has been designed to help your money achieve more. Our investments provide a level of risk and return that means you can diversify away from cash deposits without having to make the leap to more volatile stocks and shares. Our Debentures also offer regular returns of capital and income which give you flexibility in how you manage your ISA holdings.

Please remember that your capital is at risk when investing on Abundance. Find out more here

Put cash into your Abundance ISA

You can subscribe any amount from £5 right up to the maximum ISA allowance (£20,000 in 2019/20) into your Abundance ISA each tax year. You can also transfer ISA cash from your existing ISAs into your Abundance ISA.

Invest tax free

You can choose to invest in any number of projects through your ISA with a minimum of just £5 in each. This lets you easily diversify your holdings within your Abundance ISA across a range of sectors, investment terms and risk levels. You need to invest your ISA cash into projects if you intend to generate a return.

Earn regular tax-free cash returns

Most of our projects offer six-monthly cash returns, which we pay straight into your Abundance ISA account. They stay tax free whether you reinvest to grow your money further or withdraw to spend some. We provide a calculator for each of our projects so you can easily see the expected returns for each year of the investment.

Actively manage your ISA

Our ISA lets you choose how to manage your ISA based on your goals. Our customers use their cash returns in different ways depending on what they have decided this money is for. Some withdraw their regular cash returns as income, while others manage their portfolio more actively by reinvesting some of their cash returns into new projects and spending the rest.

Because some of our projects repay some of the original invested capital at the same time as investment return, you have a lot of choice about what your ISA money can do. We have explained a little more about each strategy below.

Reinvest your income to maximise your growth

Many customers choose to reinvest their capital repayments and investment income in order to grow their money more quickly. When they do this, they are growing their holdings with us without the need to deposit new money all the time, although many do ’top up’ when they reinvest. When the time comes to start spending their returns, they have built up a bigger income.

Grow your holdings and create a tax-free cash income

The Abundance ISA also allows you to keep growing your income but still keep access to cash as you need it. This is because you are in control of how much of your returns you reinvest, so you can choose to reinvest any percentage of your cash returns while withdrawing some to spend immediately or save for a rainy day.

Following this strategy lets you balance growing your portfolio of investments with getting a cash income.

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